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Everett Dentist Hosts Food Drive

Everett Dentist Dr. Colleen Tracy is organizing a Holiday Food Drive to help locals improve their dental health and at the same time help the hungry.

Patients can get dental cleaning, exam and x-rays for only $50. Dr. Tracy will match the $50 and will donate the total of $100 to Volunteers of America.

Patients can also bring food donations (non-perishable only).

Let’s help our community!


Everett Dentist Gives Dollars for Candy

Everett dentist Colleen Tracy at All Family Dental Care is giving dollars to kids in exchange for Halloween candy.

From Nov. 1-9, Tracy will give children one dollar per pound of candy brought in. This is the first year she has sponsored a Halloween candy buy-back event.

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Everett Dentist Offers FREE Dental Day – Herald Net

Front Porch: Free dental day in Everett

Dr. Colleen Tracy of All Family Dental Care in Everett will hold an emergency dental day Sept. 15 to help residents of the Everett area with free emergency dental treatment.The free dental treatments will be given at Tracy’s office at 10315 19th Ave. SE, Suite 110, Everett, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The emergency dental treatment day is designed to treat anyone (adult or child) for free who cannot afford emergency dental care. Care will be offered on a first come, first served bases.

For more information, call Everett Dentist Dr Tracy at 425-337-1000.

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Dozens Line Up As Everett Dentist Offers Free Emergency Dental Care

I had a chance this afternoon to follow-up on the “Emergency Dental Care Event” today at All Family Dental in south Everett. I spoke with Dean Saunders who is the office manager. He told me that in addition to Everett Dentist Dr. Colleen Tracy, two other dentists also participated. Her father, Dr. Ron Tracy and Dr. Paul Kahlon. Together the three contacted more than 3 dozen patients. In addition to the dentists, 3 dental assistants and two front office workers were also involved.

Saunders said all of the people who participated were great and everyone appreciated the effort, including the 40 – 50 people who were turned away. The event came about after Dr. Colleen Tracy wanted to do volunteer work overseas but was unable to schedule the time away so she decided to volunteer right here at home. He says after today’s response, she was very happy she did.

Free emergency dental care is on a first come, first served basis Dr. Colleen Tracy, a dentist in south Everett is offering free emergency dental care today to anyone who feels they need it. Her office, located across from the Costco store on 19th Ave. SE is open today from 8:00am – 5:00pm. People began lining up at 9:00pm Friday night to take advantage of the offer.

First in line was Kim Wilson of Marysville, who read about the event in the paper. “I broke a tooth about three weeks ago,” said Wilson. “I don’t have dental insurance or the $400 – $900 to have it fixed.” Others began lining up at 1:00am this morning and by 7:00am there were more than three dozen people in line.

Everett Dentist Offers FREE Dentistry

Everett Dentist to Reward Local Youth

Everett Dentist Dr. Colleen Tracy believes that many good deeds done each day are going un-rewarded.

“We all know that negativity will not improve a situation, but complimenting or rewarding a job well done will actually prompt more of those good activities” says Dr. Tracy.

That said, Dr. Tracy recently launched a Good Deed Contest which will end on May 31st, 2012. The contest is open to any youth 18 years of age and under.

Youths are urged to join the Good Deed Contest by submitting an essay about a good deed they have accomplished. Kids can submit their essay online by going to: http://dentisteverettwa.com/index.php/dentist-everett-wa-contact/win-computer-enroll/

Dr. Tracy will be giving away a brand new computer to the winner who submits the best essay. Whether helping a senior citizen cross the street or helping an elderly woman with her groceries, or organizing a fund-raiser at school to help other children in the community who are less fortunate, tell your good deed story to Dr. Tracy and you could win a computer.

According to Dr. Tracy, “We all have a vested interest in providing a stable foundation of moral values to our youngsters.”

Everett Dentist Dr. Tracy believes there is no greater joy for a parent than knowing that their children are on the right path. The contest rewards Good Deeds done by children and teenagers to encourage them to make the right choices in life.

Details of Dr. Tracy’s other community events can be found online at: http://dentisteverettwa.com/index.php/category/everett-dentist-helps-the-community/

People helping people have been one of the prominent strengths of our country. During these hard economic times, the spirit of giving and helping is needed more than ever.

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